This is Love


This is a really adorable video of a man with post-surgery amnesia realizing the hot lady next to him is actually his wife. You can make out she eventually starts crying albeit herself as the video progresses showing the guy’s reactions and as he ‘confirms’.

Just WOW, just like the guy in the video. 🙂

Love in the 21st Century

Is love in the 21st century something different than what it was in the 20th, or before that? Will it change as we move forward with time?

It’s only our perception of it which is constantly updated, changed or challenged. It might be difficult to explain, or it is actually fairly simply which is over-thought and overdone. If I have to put it:

love  /ləv/

An intense feeling of deep affection: “their love for their country”.

Feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone): “do you love me?”.


noun.  affection – fondness – darling – passion
verb.  like – be fond of – fancy – adore

Unconventional Love

I seriously don’t know what to say for unconventional love. Heck I barely know what to say for love itself. But this begins to make me question everything in existence, and besides most people really don’t have any idea. I would have said I love my laptop and stuff, which is quite true, but then again, there are many in my position and it’s not even unconventional in the sense anymore.

This is something to contemplate on.

Love is…

Love is… is the name of a comic strip created by New Zealand cartoonist Kim Casali in the late 1960s. Yep that’s the first thing which comes into my mind when asked what is love (according to me, but it doesn’t matter as people only stick to ‘their version’ of things always, or does it?) Facts or rather the absolute truth cannot have ‘perspectives’ or ‘opinions’ contrary to what people usually think, and well, who makes sense anyways. Besides I’m tired of all those soapy and cliché talks and will stick to the subject here.

This is a very famous worldwide strip, consisting of a panel with a young boy and girl with different ‘meanings of love’ in a very sweet manner. Ought to check it out if you didn’t knew about it already. Of all those rather intellectual talks, I find this one of the best representations of what love really is. Check out this touching post by a friend and fellow blogger who unlike me isn’t lazy enough to write more on this rather same topic.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

For this one, I couldn’t think of anything cool, sweet or whatever. Made me think that I have witnessed from humans to otherwise lot of beautiful moments, but alas I could never actually capture it say for in my mind. Well guess somethings aren’t meant to be captured on a lens. (or that is something which a loser amateur photographer would say, I guess)

So here is my entry which I thought would be best (for now) and well, at least relevant.


Sorry ladies, that is my true love, my laptop. (well, for now) 😛

Cupid’s bullet

You must be wondering why a bullet? Well in today’s world, an arrow is somewhat old fashioned (although I disagree but keeping in this context) because the world we are in people fall in and out of love just in a snap. Ridiculous really.

I personally don’t mind such cheesy holidays, though in most countries it’s not technically a holiday. The only thing I see is more couples flaunting and showing how not-so-lucky others are and shit, and on the other side – singles, fu-ck-damentalists, and some sorry fellas hooked up unsuccessful in getting laid bitching about Valentine’s Day on how it is fake, more about corporates making money. While I agree that on both sides there is truth, whom I feel sorry for are the middle ones who aren’t able to enjoy a day on this theme, if I can put it that way.

The holiday here in India for instance regarded as a front for neocolonialism, and the exploitation of working classes through commercialism by multinational corporations. Studies have shown that Valentine’s Day promotes and exacerbates income inequality in India, and aids in the creation of a pseudo-westernized middle class. As a result, the working classes and rural poor become more disconnected socially, politically, and geographically from the hegemonic capitalist power structure. While I agree with this, but here is the catch – isn’t this the same story almost everywhere? With that logic, not only India but almost every country should be removed from the world map.

And coming to the non-intellectual aka foolish lot, the hindu/religious ‘activists’ (give me a break), politicians and all those who have their own agenda, I have no need to even explain. One of the big reasons why the country/world is on a downward spiral. Well not only them, everyone else who share similar mentality and absurd thinking.

And coming to today’s daily prompt, well I have already mentioned a few times about the things I love, viz my laptop, gadget-accessories and well, bed. Not sure I have very much affection for anyone, let alone full love. Still waiting for that darling person to enter me life, and probably who can manage to put a bullet through my head. And sorry for letting you down, I stopped writing poetry years ago, and if I honestly admit by looking back, they were just absurd ramblings of my younger foolish naive self. More or less.


So instead, here is a drastic turned beautiful short love story I personally found in the critically acclaimed and best thing on TV, Game of Thrones based on the epic book series A Song of Ice and Fire.


Not going to say much if you haven’t read/seen already, if not I highly recommend you start doing it the first you do next. Hopefully next year I’ll have a more positive thing to write. Till then:

Valentine’s Day? That’s a Linkin Park song!

The lonely tram

ImageInterestingly what caught my attention first looking at the image the first time was the tram car, probably because it’s in the center. It’s quite fascinating how much stories one picture can say.

To the highlight is a cute couple embracing each other, probably seeing each other after a long time (even a day is considered a long time these days, just saying). And to the right, near the tram car is an old couple walking on the street, along with others. Probably tourists visiting Lisbon, Portugal or just random folks. Interesting to see two different ages of togetherness in one frame.

But here less than the people themselves, I’m more intrigued with that tram car. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have people in our lives (and find more) is something one would easily think about or appreciate (or not), what about that tram car? It serves hundreds of passengers everyday, yet it stands on its own, going where the path leads it. Are you alone yet not lonely?

I would like to visit Portugal someday, as traveling around the world is one of my big things in my bucket-list, or should I say, wanting for life itself. The artistic subtlety and style of the photograph is one of my favourite kinds, and the road going down with the stones decorating it on either sides looks beautiful. And while I enjoy solitude I wouldn’t mind a hug from a beautiful girl either 😛

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

So this one can be a bit tricky one. Thinking of love, to me and everyone else, a lot of things come into mind, here speaking in context of pictorially. Now I’m not going to speak about love or give my ‘opinion’ on it, hell in reality you can’t have an opinion or perspective on such things.

There is love, unconditional, there is affection, attachment, lust, just making yourself feel good. Most people easily confuse all of them, and all of them are related in one way or the other so it becomes tricky.

So here I’m just posting the first thing which came into my mind. My home has been a birth house for numerous pigeons and sparrows for nearly a decade, this is a pic taken a long time ago (don’t exactly remember when, might pre-date 2007) which I originally posted in my other blog (sorry for the ‘low quality post’, was pretty naive back then if you see the archives).


A mother’s love for children. Pure, unconditional love. Here is a bonus picture of the baby pigeons some time after birth.


Well sadly we live in such a world where mothers sell their children, kids kill their parents and all such shit happen. Always try to be realistic, but that doesn’t mean have to be all pessimistic.

And speaking of mothers, today is my mother’s 51st birthday. Happy Birthday Mother (yeah I call/address her that).