Sometimes even I’m speechless

While going around in the day, on the road came across this and left me speechless.

I wonder where did he download this from…

And while coming back, came across this car. This is heights of being clever, or should I say crazy. Why repair when you can just tie the dam thing?

Happens only in India.

Laughing out Loud with Deadpool

Tell us about the last time you had a real, deep, crying-from-laughing belly laugh.

Just recently I finished playing this game called Deadpool based on the fan favoutire comic book character of the same name soon withing days of release. With a very humorous script the game is dam hilarious , I couldn’t remember when I wasn’t laughing out loud! Here are two screenshots among some I took. The character is also famous for breaking the fourth wall, in the comic books and now in the game. Do play it for a heartfelt laughter and enjoyably time!


Interviewing the Batman

url.jpgSo if I were to interview my favourite fictional character, here Batman, typically it would be something like:

Me: (*Ask any question*)

Batman: I’m Batman.

And while already mentioned before, this never gets old and what’s likely to happen:

19107_371697512950203_1940045817_nJust hope as long as it doesn’t end up like this, don’t want to mess with the goddam Batman you know.