Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master?

The school (and system) in which I studied in had three languages, English of course as the first, Marathi as a second language (which is of the state) and third Hindi (widely misunderstood as the national language of India by most Indians, which is not) till grade 7 and later instead of that Sanskrit, till I passed out school. While English was a cakewalk for me and Sanskrit was purely for mark hogging thanks to our great education system (sarcasm hint not required), it’s the other two are really struggled with. And that moment of relief when I passed school and never had to deal with them anymore!

Ode to a Playground

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

Ah yesterday’s Plinky prompt is today’s daily prompt, more or less. Actually the same. I already said what I had to say in this post, have not much attachment to any place in particular. There are many places I was fond of, but none have held a lasted impression to me. I’m one of those who doesn’t miss his childhood.

As for a playground, for me the whole world (or rather wherever I have been) has been one. Thinking of which, I remember technically the first one I have been, the small one outside (my) kindergarten classrooms of my school. It was a small one with sand and the usual stuff like swings, slides and the circle thing which rotated on which kids stand and make it rotate. Remember it being my most favourite, yet (even now) didn’t bother to know what it’s called.

If such a place is no more (and me having some affection towards it), I would just say:

Change is the changeless law of life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This is a photo taken back in late 2007 or early 2008 exactly which I can’t remember right now. It is a view from the top of my school from one of the buildings, and since my home is about 5 minutes away this is more or less a view from my home too.

What strikes me in this picture as it has the natural beauty in it, the slums and the fancy big buildings all around together in one place. I live in quite the mixed neighborhood. It shows me that the world is out there to be faced. Well the sky looks good too. While there many photos which I could have put up here which reflected beyond to me, for this reason this image struck me the most here.

Sweet Sixteen

When I was 16, I never thought life would be so messed up, boring and insane all at the same time, precisely for one reason – I didn’t have any big expectations from myself.

Rewinding back to those days, that was quite an ‘eventful’ year if I may put it. Most significant in my personal life were these 2: meeting my one of my idols, former president of India Dr, APJ Abdul Kalam on 13 February 2008 (followed by another insignificant boring birthday and the much hyped 10th grade exams in the country) and the change of a lifestyle when I went to another place (Kota, Rajasthan) for the ‘pre-engineering training’ and 2 years of high school.

It was quite a year. I went out of home because I always wanted to get out of this place and see the world. Though now I’m back here for some years and don’t know when I’ll hit the road sky/ocean next. Time will tell.

So that is how I picture my life in the years ahead, whichever path my professional(?) interests leads me to. But as I said, I didn’t quite have any expectations and as the saying goes ‘flowing with the tide’ or whatever that is.

“To grow, to discover, we need involvement which is something I experience everyday, sometimes good, sometimes frustrating.”

– Bruce Lee

Apply Yourself Unnecessarily

While this is not a latest attempt at learning something that did not come easily and actually quite some years old, I thought this would be worth mentioning as it more ‘memorable’ of some sorts with mixed feelings and not exactly good or bad.

It is something back in the day during when I was in school, and perhaps the first time I realized how fucked up our education is (the realization which kept growing till date and continues to do so). There are several boards of school/high school education common in the country and worldwide, while every state had its own state board, in mine of which I was a part of. Here in Mumbai Bombay and in the whole state, we had 3 languages, the first language of course was English, the second language was Marathi being my state’s language while the third was optional to choose from for grades 8-10, where many schools offered different ones like Hindi (the national one), Sanskrit (India’s oldest language and one of the world’s oldest) and French being most popular choices while several other schools in the city/state and other parts of the county offering more like German, etc. I took Sanskrit, primarily because it fetched good marks, and something which I enjoyed as I was familiar with lot of Indian scriptures.

Now here is when the problem(s) started (in this context). I’m from a primarily English speaking family, somewhat manage to speak my mother tongue Tamil and Hindi, both being quite messed up, and there was this new language. I had nothing against (in the beginning atleast) as learning a new language is always fun, growing watching anime, reading manga and being familiar with Japanese culture, there was an interest in Japanese. My uncle is from Germany, so I had interest in German too. And who isn’t interested in (the) French and Spanish? 😉

I had to deal with Marathi, the beginning 2 years grades 5 & 6 I survived somehow but eventually failed in my finals of grade 6, I remember getting some 70% and my performance had dipped from a potential 90 straight just because of that. And when you are a person like me who doesn’t care about these petty things (seriously who cares about school?), and especially when you are from a typical Indian/Asian family (South Indian – Brahmin to make it more worse than it already is) it was seriously hell.

For the first time in my life I had ‘failed’ (again I school context) and it hurt the pride and soul of my civilization (or so it seemed) and for the first time in my life I went for one of the only tuition for Marathi near my home/school in the afternoons after school from grade 7-10.  To me it totally didn’t make sense, why Marathi is mandatory but the national language (still doubts in it) Hindi is an option? I’m not at all racist, but why is there a need for me to learn mug-the-shit-up of it? There was clearly no learning in it, which I soon realized prevail till perhaps I’ll graduate now. I can’t say for the rest of the world (completely) but anything attached to the word ‘system’ itself here is completely fucked up. Not even exaggerating slightly.

But coming back to the story here, there was a good side of it too. My tutor Mrs. Prathiba Aunty (as I said earlier in my other post, in school days, female teachers had no last name, either it was ‘mam’ or ‘aunty’ if bit informal as in this case) is a very sweet lady and I still see her once a while as I stay nearby, and almost every year pay a visit to her on her birthday in early February (which is now coming). I also made really good buddies, spent those days hooked on Nintendo, Pokémon, Sonic, Dragonball and countless others. Although seldom to none contact with any of them now, since all have their own lives and I keep forgetting the password of mine, it was not all bad.

And if you are curious, I managed to pass out with a decent 90% (I honestly don’t know how, my genius was never in the books) and leave that crap behind. Well thanks to that, I can understand Marathi, if not read or write properly, is useful as I live here, but not was not necessary at the same time. And my Hindi still sucks.

That was my not-so-really-learning story for this time.

Mapping out life so far

Using Google Maps for the first time in a post thanks to this week’s writing challenge, while still trying to figure it out would like to talk about 3 places being a big part of my life and this being the area where I practically grew up so far.


A. St. Francis D’Assisi High School

My school where I studied for 12 years of my life right from the start to grade 10. Biggest perk being I lived just nearby my school and now college (below) I also wrote a post about my school in my last year which you can have a look at. Lot has changed since then.


B. Fizzy

There are many places where I hung out around where I stay and in the entire city, but this one stands out for me. Back in ’03 or ’04 (don’t exactly remember when) I was in 6th grade when this small cafe opened which now is a big joint there today. I was there when it first opened back then and still go regularly today, from a small shop to big happening cafe. Fizzy might be just a local thing here (there are 4 of them in the north part of the city) but they might also be another home to many like me.



C. SFIT/University of Mumbai

My university where I’m studying currently (highly debatable) 😛 Again biggest perk I live close by. Studying Computer Science & Engineering and doing some other stuff.

So basically I grew up in this ‘grid’ and waiting to get out and see the world (permanently, not the occasional basis) I’ll keep writing about more places of significance in time, and hopefully I’ll be able to write form all around the world one day.