Want something evil? Here is a pic of awesome pizza I had. Yes, now either you feel miserable with your mouth watering, and you either continue to be that way or just go have one yourself (then regret of having too much ha!) And well, if you think one can have too much pizza, or you don’t care for it, then you are truly evil.


Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)

There this place which opened some months ago some 15-20 minutes from where I stay called Take a bite, and they make really amazing chicken shawarma. The kind of place you fall instantly love in with. Being fairly new don’t have any links (that I’m aware of) to share for local folks here, or if anyone is visiting, but well this place is a must go.

Lebanese chicken with vegetable schezwan sauce (not the usual). Really food for the soul. (There are options for vegetarians too)


Food doesn’t need 1000 words

ImageFood doesn’t need a story, say for how it’s made. Well in this case this goes long back, from where the original ingredients come from, the farms and well, slaughter houses. While I’m not the the insta-fooder (if you get what I mean) you find these days, I do share some posts on good meals in the ‘food’ tag here.

What these guys are making sure does look delicious already. Though I do appreciate good food (who doesn’t?) I don’t consider myself a foodie or anything, and well I’m hungry all the time.

Iconic about Bombay

If there is one thing that’s truly iconic about Mumbai Bombay it is the king of food of the city – Vada Pav. Read the wiki article for some history about it, which surprisingly people here too don’t know despite consuming it for years. Known as the burger of Bombay, being the most notable street food and cheap that many to all can afford (and one of the many reasons for my poach that is). You can’t miss it if you’re in the city.


It’s not the exotic locations, facilities, beautiful ladies or even the so called spirit of Mumbai, but it’s really Vada Pav the heart of the city, the icon. And for being there with the lonely me and my tummy ๐Ÿ˜›