What makes one a VIP?

Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

ImageMy answer to this question is a counter question, what makes someone a VIP? (title) I’m myself wondering. Sure there are lot of important people in everyone’s lives, myself not being an exception. My parents are important, as I’m as of yet living dependent on them. Lot of people are important whom I’ve met throughout my life. But I don’t understand what basis to classify people as relatively important. I face this question a lot, not just limited to this context. Even among friends, we have good friends, close friends, best friends, this friends and that friends, depending on how much we trust and confide in. But the truth is, we never actually care about others more than we do ourselves. That is the the sole truth. And the most importance person? Still no answer. I can’t even name myself, otherwise I would sound narcissistic. So I’ll just leave it here.


“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:

“What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

― C.S. Lewis

Seeing this writing challenge reminded me of my school days. In school, in the subject of English language among essays, various forms of letters and countless other things, I remember we having this topic of character assassination sketch. Basically, it was your free ticket to bitch about people sounding all professional and sophisticated. Well, almost. I got the daily/weekly email when I was chatting with this person and in that instance I decided I’ll write about a friend of mine (who chooses to remain anonymous and hopefully won’t sue me) After all, this is not unsolicited. 😛

Loves: Eating, eating, watching tv, YELLING, a bit shopping and sleeping. More or less.

Hates: Well sorry, can’t have everyone annoying the shit out of her, so I’ll leave this as it is. 😛

Favourite quote:

“Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies.” ― Oliver Goldsmith

Actually the last line actually goes (Ar)go fuck yourself, but will come to that later. As I was saying above, she was busy working on our college magazine of this year, she being an editor (or something like that) and I being so busy doing absolutely nothing was lending my services, as I was such a good friend after all. 😛

I don’t exactly remember when we met, but it was through a mutual old friend of ours and I got in touch around the time I came back to Bombay in 2010, as we both were on the hellish path of Engineering in the hell known as SFIT/Mumbai University. Well so far at least one of us (she I mean) is making it.

Usually everyone would go on to write about one of their parents, siblings, partners, best friend or some figure, and I have mostly spontaneous all my life, and besides neither of us are of the socializing nature, only key difference is one among is a normal human and the other is, otherwise. For getting started, read the starting of the post again. Initially it was something like that. And the beside picture is from first year of college in 2010, simply to annoy her dedicated to the sweet friend of mine.

I remember her being the shy girl only opening up to her bunch of girlfriends and few others [insert this creature]. Well she still turns instantly red or blue, depending on the context, and it’s rather very hilarious to see her so, safe to say now it’s somewhat on these lines:


While she has a white face (smiling or otherwise depending how much annoyed she is( don’t be fooled, she is not your average damsel in distress. Sometimes I get scared myself when she goes bonkers, but also entertained at the same time. One of the things I like about her the most is the usage of clever and well, hilarious language instead of regular crude. But it is infinitely more amusing to see her screaming and abusing when she totally loses it. Once we had a bet, and of course I won, she totally lost it and started jumping and stomping on the floor, hurling her love for the wonderful e-achoo-cational system of the college (and honestly I had nothing to do with it here!) 😛

But she is not all the cold, abusing joker as so far I mentioned you might think, actually not at all. Inside is a sensitive loving soul who loves and cares for the people around her. But being my friend, she won’t ever admit it. Quite some times she drowns into her inferiority complex and needs to be pulled out, but oh well that’s happens to us all. Or not. Well at least she listens, sometimes. We both often share our disdain for many things, one mainly being idiotic south Indian family trends, which we both deeply *sigh* at. We are also similar in many aspects, such as love for movies and tv. And yes how can I forget Linkin Park, how we became fast friends in the first place! (okay a big number of people I know is because of that reason). And while not so much, just like many humans need to brush teeth, have a bath (twice), and all the regular routine of a regular person, I do that twice a week or so. Satisfied with the fact I brush my teeth for the least. She is a girl who is cautious of her health (I guess?) but (as I already mentioned, did I?) loves to eat. Me? Only the latter part. She keeps complaining how sucky her hair is, while me on the other hand, well I would rather not say. 😛

In India, the common response equivalent to a yes or roger, irrespective of the language of correspondence is ‘ha’. And combine that with a ‘huh?’ here and you get this: “haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan“. Notice the ‘n’ syllable at the end. That’s the best I could re-produce her weird-hilarious-awesome response in text for both situations. Gets me everyone every time! 😀

Well this might have been bit deviated from a proper character sketch, but I do/write what I want. I might be good at reading people, but not at making a report of it. And while I’m not all sugarcoating it, she is a bitch at times though (okay more than few times), but still at heart a sweet person and a cherished friend of mine. 🙂


Now if only she kept her word at times and treats me something to eat…