The lonely tram

ImageInterestingly what caught my attention first looking at the image the first time was the tram car, probably because it’s in the center. It’s quite fascinating how much stories one picture can say.

To the highlight is a cute couple embracing each other, probably seeing each other after a long time (even a day is considered a long time these days, just saying). And to the right, near the tram car is an old couple walking on the street, along with others. Probably tourists visiting Lisbon, Portugal or just random folks. Interesting to see two different ages of togetherness in one frame.

But here less than the people themselves, I’m more intrigued with that tram car. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have people in our lives (and find more) is something one would easily think about or appreciate (or not), what about that tram car? It serves hundreds of passengers everyday, yet it stands on its own, going where the path leads it. Are you alone yet not lonely?

I would like to visit Portugal someday, as traveling around the world is one of my big things in my bucket-list, or should I say, wanting for life itself. The artistic subtlety and style of the photograph is one of my favourite kinds, and the road going down with the stones decorating it on either sides looks beautiful. And while I enjoy solitude I wouldn’t mind a hug from a beautiful girl either 😛

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