The life saver at 2 AM

Here is perhaps (one of) the best examples of a 2 AM photo.

ImagePardon me as I’m not much of a social climber you see, and hardly get communication in the day let alone at 2 AM, well except for when some have some work to get done by me in that case you can make the scenario out.

Besides since it’s phoneography month going on, and since I still haven’t able to figure out how to take a screenshot in my relatively new phone Lumia 920, I decided to go with something more realistic as usual. As I already stated above, this is well suited for it. It’s a picture of Maggi noodles (the most common/standard one, Masala flavour) which I cooked around that time last night as I was extremely hungry out of not eating anything the whole day which wasn’t great in any case.

In India if there is something and probably if it’s the only thing that a person knows to cook, it must be this. It is such a huge part of food here in India, that people just consider the word ‘Maggi’ as the instant noodles (and adding prefixes/suffixes for the other flavours) despite the fact there are other branches of food stuff like sauces etc. available too. Heck I can easily say 90% to perhaps even 99% if I may that barely someone even knows it’s manufactured Nestlé. Many might even think it’s a national or even local thing. It is perhaps in the heart of every Indian, because of being relatively cheap and extremely handy, it stretches out even in small parts of the country. There are so many recipes using this.

I’m no exception here. When I was in another state in a crap of place for 2 years of study, Maggi was the safe haven for me and millions of other students even today. Even at home right now when there is nothing and whether it’s in the afternoon or late at night when nothing is available, no money, Maggi comes to the rescue for the hungry. Especially for a hungry demon person like me who can manage to eat the equivalent of three regular people and at times is usually hungry! Just like it happened yesterday among countless other times. In the packets, behind they print small stories of people with their various stories which they have to say, like how it has come to the rescue late at night at work, or for preparing something for unannounced arrival of guests. Stories of daily life with Maggi.

Cooking Maggi is one of the most done things by me (and so many like me) perhaps in my life. And especially after sort of literally living on it for 2 years, I’ve become the Maggi expert who can measure and put together the ingredients and water just with a glance (getting the amount of water wrong, more or less is the biggest pain in the ass which can totally ruin it you know). Heck people specifically make me cook it at times. Thank you Maggi for being for the hungry stomach all these times. And writing this has made me even hungrier now, I might just go and cook another bowl for myself!

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