Extended family out there

I technically never had any animals as pets (yet) in my life. I always wanted a dog(s). I even like love cats and turtles. Well although I might have never had ‘pets’ but my home has been a breeding place home for hundreds of pigeons and sparrows for over a decade. A good part of the family income goes into feeding them you can day! 😀 Here some images from 2007 which I dug up from my hard disk.

Here is a sparrow family. At the same place outside the window, a sparrow family is always there even at the moment as I type this. They make a pretty dam mess though with their nests and shit (I mean literal shit, but not as much as the pigeons).

DSC01371DSC01372DSC01375 DSC01378

Aren’t baby sparrows so adorable? Pardon the low quality pics, all of these were taken by my ‘smart’ phone as it was known back then (now just a joke right?) good old Sony Ericsson W580i. It’s phoneography month too so that serves well. And here are some photographs of a pigeon family. I know, here pigeons (and crows) are more of an annoying sight as you find them everywhere, but not the same as watching them hatch and growing up 🙂 (also I feel like belonging to the order of the assassins from the Assassin’s Creed games) 😀

DSC02458 DSC00042 DSC00047 DSC00056 DSC00292 DSC02469 DSC02475 DSC00336 DSC02495 DSC02496

If you’re wondering why in some the bird(s) is fluffed up, well they inflate like a balloon when they feel cold or frightened. Even after seeing and eating from me everyday, those ungrateful bitches 😛

The final image is the babies fully grown up. And as a bonus here is me back then.

DSC04642 DSC04643

Back in the day with less hair and well, less fat 😛

I ought to take more now since I got a good camera phone. In the recent years squirrels have taken a liking to my home too, lets see if I can manage to get some pics in their state of harmony.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

So this one can be a bit tricky one. Thinking of love, to me and everyone else, a lot of things come into mind, here speaking in context of pictorially. Now I’m not going to speak about love or give my ‘opinion’ on it, hell in reality you can’t have an opinion or perspective on such things.

There is love, unconditional, there is affection, attachment, lust, just making yourself feel good. Most people easily confuse all of them, and all of them are related in one way or the other so it becomes tricky.

So here I’m just posting the first thing which came into my mind. My home has been a birth house for numerous pigeons and sparrows for nearly a decade, this is a pic taken a long time ago (don’t exactly remember when, might pre-date 2007) which I originally posted in my other blog (sorry for the ‘low quality post’, was pretty naive back then if you see the archives).


A mother’s love for children. Pure, unconditional love. Here is a bonus picture of the baby pigeons some time after birth.


Well sadly we live in such a world where mothers sell their children, kids kill their parents and all such shit happen. Always try to be realistic, but that doesn’t mean have to be all pessimistic.

And speaking of mothers, today is my mother’s 51st birthday. Happy Birthday Mother (yeah I call/address her that).

Through the evening window

It’s 8:25 PM late in the evening right now. I pause to think how it’s funny as 9:00 PM is technically beings night while it’s already dark as hell now. Well it is technically winter still, and at this time its hardly (beings to in a manner of speaking) dark in summer.

Looking at/through the nearest window to me right now viz in the living room, where (almost) everything of mine is at, the two potted plants come to attention first and the most. One (left in the picture below) is the plant Tulsi which you can find in almost any Indian home on account of being holy. Well I don’t know nor care about that, but it is quite a resourceful one. And the other one is the curry leaf tree (called Kaddi Patta in Hindi) another very (most?) common one in India which is the basis for the everyday (more or less) consumed green chutney, which is one of the many Indian ‘dips’ for various Indian dishes and also used in variety of other food stuff, especially sandwiches here.

All my house windows were full of pots of various plants, various flowers blowing, almost a window-garden was every room of my house once since many years. Well as time rolled by it became difficult to manage (especially after my grandmother’s ill health) which resulted in some dying and most of them were moved and planted down in the building. These 2 were gifted by a friend, well so we kept it in the house, so the plant count is not zero anymore. And speaking of plants, on another note, literally all windows of every room of my house have been the birthplace of countless pigeons and sparrows. Even right now there are a bunch of sparrow babies and their mother in one of the rest room’s windows. I have captured few of them in my other blog. I always wanted to see a crow family too, but so far for over a decade I was only witness to pigeons and sparrows being born. And lot of passing by squirrels.


That is the most significant thing there is. Apart from that the opposite building can be seen, which marks the end point of my colony area. The slum area is visible which is adjacent to my colony.

At a distance (not pictured above) different lights can be viewed of other buildings, and the church near my area and my school. And the plain boring (for now) sky. That’s about it. The area I live in is surely to some extent a sort of a paradox which I described earlier for a weekly photo challenge which you can view.