Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

For this one, I couldn’t think of anything cool, sweet or whatever. Made me think that I have witnessed from humans to otherwise lot of beautiful moments, but alas I could never actually capture it say for in my mind. Well guess somethings aren’t meant to be captured on a lens. (or that is something which a loser amateur photographer would say, I guess)

So here is my entry which I thought would be best (for now) and well, at least relevant.


Sorry ladies, that is my true love, my laptop. (well, for now) πŸ˜›

The Devil in and around me

I can see him clearly, or her, for they are genderless, unless you think so. So here I shall call itΒ it, get it? Shining brightly while glancing back at me. Staring back for too long hurts my eyes and watery. It is a beast capable of doing wonders, when asked and worked with in the proper manner.

It rests on top of its mighty dark throne, which keeps it cool from becoming hot tempered. What it has to say is heard with the help of its two accomplices which each lie on its either side, and serve as its voice. Like ministers to their kings. But they are not the only ones, for it’s council does not end there. Although it has adviser of its own, it has another powerful outsider which guides it on what to do without which things can be less convenient and sometimes impossible. And this powerful adviser has a special place of it’s own. And not to forget, most importantly it has vast various resources which are kept by its agents who are the most important here perhaps, and responsible for keeping things and make them flowing. And lastly its army is joined by many other soldiers from time to time, making it truly powerful.

The first impression one can get looking at it is like looking at a bright as well as dark beast. I know quite the paradox. Like us humans, it’s capable of changing its bright colours, only here I mean quite literally! For now it shines in vibrant blue, where from every part comes a calming light of blue. Each organ shows off the master’s colour and thus its glory.

On a side note, blue is supposed to have a calming effect on the viewer, no wonder many sites too like WordPress, facebook, Twitter etc. and heck even he chair I’m sitting on right now is blue! Still not getting what I’m speaking about, or was that just blabbering by me? It is none other than my faithful partner in crime, the devil – My laptop. Right now where I’m sitting at and typing all this.

In a previous post, I had already covered a bit about my writing space along with the rest of my living room, so now going into more details I thought it would be a bit fun to write it that way. Hope you enjoyed yourself, you can have a look at that post so see how It and its council looks. πŸ˜€

This was in response to this week’s writing challenge. And I find it a bit funny the fact that I’ve been playing this game DmC Devil May Cry which just released few days back The devil is everywhere I guess.