Moved to Tears

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

Doesn’t happen much (I’m a cold hearted bastard you see) but it does happen at times. The last time was when I saw Man of Steel. Oh god it was so beautiful and moving. Saw it 13 times in the theaters and now waiting for the home release for another who-knows-what number of times viewings. Literally teared off first two times. Very beautiful.


You’re never finished with me

– Where are you?

– I’m not finished yet.

– And you’re not finished with me.

ImageYou’re never finished with me.

This was perhaps the most powerful scene (for me) in Part 1 of 2 of the movie The Dark Knight Returns which is the animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s 1986 epic graphic novel of the same name. Not only it is the (one of the depending on your liking) greatest Batman story ever told, it’s one of the greatest graphic novel and pieces of literature ever made, and it was actually the first time Batman was taken seriously as a legendary character. It took years for several Batman veterans to finally adopt it to a movie in 2012/2013, and it sure did deliver. Definitely one of my most favourite movie/lines of all time.

While I could never do justice to it by describing that particular scene (or the book/movie) in words, you should check them out. Here we see an older Bruce Wayne all by himself who goes to find his strength and the scene shows the fact that he can never be done with being Batman with much powerful emotion yet simple dialogue. I like to think we are also never done with what we are supposed to do in/with our lives, and it just keeps going forward.