Paperback or eBooks?


So for this end-week’s challenge, being asked between paperback and ebooks on which medium you prefer reading, I voted for paperback and not so surprisingly that was in the majority about three fourths in number relatively.

Now why is that so? Well for I actually don’t mind either, as I have read lot of books held in my hands and in the past years lots on my computer and my cell phone. While I never owned a e-reader, tablet computer or fancy cell phone, so I can’t really say how much enjoyable reading on one is, say for the few times on an old cell phone of mine and many others on my laptop.

Both have their own advantages. Like in ebook form, I can have many I want with me while traveling and not worry about any additional volume or weight. I have GBs of ebooks (not counting comics, which is another massive world of it’s own) on my computer which if each one were a paperback, I guess I would have to own a building library or something to store them all. But the hassle is, while on the go I’ll have to worry about the battery and the device itself not being screwed.

While on the other hand I don’t have to worry about ‘charging’ my paperback books (or hardcover for that matter). I can read anywhere and in any comfortable position I want (please don’t think about sex, one thing at a time folks), while I could do the same with a e-reader just I’d have to be more careful. Here personally I might be favouring the real thing more as I already said I never had the comfort of a e-reader and lazying around.

But in the end, what matters really are the quality of the book and your level of interest in it. That aside, it should matter much through which medium you enjoy a good read.

E-Readers with e-books are the future, which is what seems likely. But still, the sheer joy of going into a bookstore, the smell of fresh new books and random smiling faces who get your same feelings is a pleasure of it’s own.

1 thought on “Paperback or eBooks?

  1. Love the picture you used!

    I bet me and my classmates looked a bit like this when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out, several of us sitting behind the gym, reading… that was in the days before e-books, of course, when you still had to skive off school on Saturday to buy the book on the first day… ah, the memories!


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