The Mountain

ImageSome of the most surreal experiences I’ve had were during my trips to the north east of the country, near the mighty Himalayas. I always wanted to travel around the world, and especially the Himalayas and the beautiful mountains. I have seen a part of the mighty mountain range, and like in the movie The Bucket List I want to see something magnificent before I die. I actually started blogging after my last camp n 2007, which you can see in the early archives of my other blog.

In recent times, another close to surreal experience when I saw one of my most favourite band Poets of the Fall live for the first time! You can read a detailed account of my experience here.

7 thoughts on “The Mountain

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  6. Mountains have a way of highlighting an experience and making it that little bit more special and ultimately, mind-blowing. I look forward to seeing the Himalayas for myself one day.


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