Ghosts- one of the most oldest and (un?)interesting ‘concepts’ which has taken over the world.

It is quite interesting as we perceive these ghosts/spirits as an extension of our lives beyond death. I also find if quite funny as we categorize these ghosts/spirits as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ just like we do with our human species. Wait, can dogs be ‘good’? Cats are ‘bad’? Then what is with these humans? (as a species in a manner of speaking) And subsequently, ghosts.

And the most interesting of them all, the ‘bad’ species of these ghosts (if that even makes sense) are the most interesting since more than a century in popular culture! Count Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy to several mutated humans and beasts.

Oh and how could I forget fan favourite zombies? The ‘third middle’ option also termed as undead, the state of neither being alive or dead (which makes more sense then ‘dead’ if it is even possible)

Vampires were always cool, until you know that happened. (I don’t want to even speak about it)

And coming to them, we have the other ‘good’ spirits. Angels (whom I perceive more as pedophiles more than half the time, no offense to anyone) What’s more, we name many of our real world ideas or intellectual concepts as these angels. ‘Angel of Justice’ or ‘Angel of Death’

Death: “Angel of Death?!” Not cool bro, Not cool at all.

And coming to the actual question, whether do I believe in ghosts, No.

Though I would like to, no matter how irrational it sounds, the idea of them is always so intriguing thanks to over a century of existing in our popular culture, I simply don’t. For now they are well off in our books/movies/tv/games and other media, unless the zombie apocalypse actually happens (in which case atleast all my years of gaming and the likes of Resident Evil, Blade and The Walking Dead comes in handy)

Oh and while we are talking about this, what about God?

Ok I’ll stop it here before getting at jumped at. 😛

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