Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

I don’t know whether to classify this as significant or a casual habit, whenever I’m at home and not up to anything in particular, I take afternoon/evening walks and usually it starts from here which is where I stay nearby. The fresh air and that own time becomes necessary.

Photography, which is a passionate hobby of mine, and apart from that which people make a profession of, I could say I had a habit of clicking almost everything (and people) with my camera and mobile. But well, due to my current predicament, I fear those days are perhaps behind me now.


These Boots Were Made for Walking

These are my most favourite (and actually only lol) pair of not-so-shoes. Heck sort of part of my identity actually, I don’t know why but around these parts (and so far anywhere I went) it seems these are kind of funny and different and my instant recognition. Dam comfortable I say.