Movies are not the Monsters

People are.

A common, very misguided question in belief is Does watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world? Now this also extends to video games, believed to make children/adults violent, and even others like books on such topics (which are labeled controversial)

Now how I find this personally is, absolutely ridiculous. Sure movies and other such media play a big role in our lives varying from different scenarios, and one can always argue that if these can provide some sort of inspiration in the positive light, at the same time it can also negatively influence a person. While that is very true, but often in most cases, it’s deemed as movies themselves are the root cause of the problem? Which leads to ask me – are you a fucking retard?


Let’s say a violent movie is the root cause of the problem. In that case, if I may compare it to a recent problem regarding gun regulation, it was the fault of the gun manufacturer and the gun itself, an inanimate object, but not the person who actually pulled the trigger right? The gun attracted and seduced the person to get it and pull the trigger resulting in killing or whatever hell they did?

timthumb.php.jpgHeck why guns? Let’s take something which is found in almost every household, a kitchen knife. That which is used to prepare food and also result in a gruesome injury and possibly death, so every person who has a knife in his house must be quarantined because of possessing a potential murder weapon.

Now doesn’t all this above sound ridiculous? Then why does the same thing in the context of movies and this culture becomes something worth of discussing? Just because your pathetic mind is incompetent of comprehending what all this is about? And by you, I meant all those idiotic people so called politicians, ministers and ‘law makers’ (more like self pissers) and those people who share this thinking. What a pathetic mindset.

Movies like others are a form of art, and is the biggest way how the ‘artists’ connect with the people. For many it’s a way of life. They are just a representation of our real world with a mix of the powerful imagination of creative minds. What happens in many movies are actually in a way what happens in our real world! Let’s say, we lived in a utopia, free of violence, crime, corruption and suffering. There is only peace and harmony. Only all the possible good in the world. How drastically different the world would be? But do you think in that case movies or anything else won’t be made, because there is ‘nothing’ to talk or show about? That’s where you are wrong. Even if we lived in a so called perfect world, there would be minds who would think of all the present existing evil there is. In that scenario, that would be their fiction. Just like we have countless of our own – medieval, fantasy, magic, sci-fi, et cetera to name a few.

The shooting last year around the time of release of The Dark Knight Rises was very tragic. Many (fools) instantly jumped on the issue claiming for the dark movies to be the cause of it, making the lunatic who was later found to possess an arsenal of dangerous weapons to do it, resulting in lot of pain and death. The movie or a character which was creating and existing for over 70 years sinceĀ  1939 wasn’t the problem, the problem was with that guy who needed medical attention and good parenting. And some brains if I might add.

There are enough problems which actually need solving in our planet, so why not spend our time and energy towards them instead of fulfilling someone else’s agenda without any rational thinking, shall we?