The Crazy One

ImageThat is a tribute I made with the help of a friend who is a awesome graphic designer on the occasion of the late visionary Steve Job’s first death anniversary last year. Here is the post back then.

Today is his birthday and he would have been 58 years old. He has been a big inspiration to me since I was a school kid and he has struck millions of lives (in whatever way you can think, and no doubt especially after his death as people often get recognized only after they kick the bucket sadly)

I’m not going to re-quote any of the many brilliant things he said (besides I’m doing that since years and do that often). Here I would rather silently ponder and while at it wanted to show the above piece first time in this blog of mine. I would recommend to watch his documentary Secrets of Life, apart from reading his biography and seeing his 2005 commencement speech which most would have done by now. If not, do that too.

Again, thank you Steve, for always being an inspiration to me.

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