Buffalo Nickel

ImageSo going by today’s prompt, I looked in my withered wallet and randomly removed a coin from the small compartment which contained some coins. This was it, a new coin of Re 1 which I found, year being 2009. Which reminded me this is the first of the two changes of coins in the recent years. While the above pictured look best than the previous, with some nice different hand gestures in every coin denomination, the latest ones are dam small reflecting the insignificance of the small amount in the current world.

Coming to what I did that year, well I was Kota, Rajasthan away from my home here in Mumbai for 2 years from ’08 – ’10. Memories good and bad. Actually this day that year, worse. I remember being end of my 11th grade exams and I had my jaws broken in January, had a major surgery and didn’t didn’t eat or heck even brush my teeth for 2 months. Being the heavy eater and drinker I’m was bit weird spending those birthdays (including mine) without having anything and just looking at others doing it. Well that’s all I remember from that time, which was ‘big’. Well then went to 12th grade. And life went on.

8 thoughts on “Buffalo Nickel

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