In Search of Lost Time

What song, when you hear it, transports you back in time? What time in your life does it transport you to?

For me, this brings me back to 2005, when I got my first computer, the good old days when the biggest problem was the land-line phone vs. the slow pathetic dial-up internet connection which was a big thing back then. The world wide web was building up, Google became synonymous with God, and peer-to-peer was on the rise. (I don’t know why I said that)

This brings my memory to late ’05 through ’06 and ’07. Linkin Park one of my first and till date most favourite band/music artists close to my heart, (the) Mike Shinoda had released his own side project collaborating with some other artists as a hip-hop group called ‘Fort Minor‘. Fortunately I knew some people back then (they are not dead for fuck’s sake, just not in contact anymore, dam sometimes I sound so inappropriate) who shared my enthusiasm for Linkin Park (now I hardly know who doesn’t)

13601-2000x2000The album ‘The Rising Tied‘ was a different direction from Linkin Park but yet so great that most of the songs resonated with me, my thinking, feelings (quite questionable to many) and life back then. I remember many days coming back from school sitting at my (then garbage, sole) computer at listening to Fort Minor among many others and forgetting about my shitty life.

I guess music is indeed the gift of the faceless one isn’t it? (now sadly demeaned everywhere, do I need to even start on this?) I don’t listen to music much now compared to earlier years, but sometimes (co-incidentally was the last thing of 2012 and first thing of 2013 I did) was listening to an old or such a song brings me back down the memory lane.

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