10 years of Meteora

Linkin Park‘s highly rated, bestselling album, Meteora was released on this day, exactly 10 years ago.


Since then, the band have evolved, experimenting with various musical styles and genres in the process and released several other successful studio efforts. Linkin Park have become a force in the music industry with a unique vibe to their music.

But Meteora is a special album. Thousands of people connected to the lyrics and the music on the album, and it’s got them through tougher times in their lives making the band unforgettable and special to them.

If Hybrid Theory was a dark place – Meteora was a light at the end of the tunnel.

For me personally this is very special. Although my most favourite album is Hybrid Theory, their debut record, it was around this time before their second record’s release that the band gained quite some publicity here after their success and I heard them, becoming a instant devotee. Linkin Park became not just a favourite band, they were my religion. Their music helped me overcome many difficult times growing up, and I felt an emotional connection which isn’t possible with something or someone else.

Today after all these years, they continue to be my most favourite, inspirational and heroic band, and continue to help me in becoming a better person. Despite the fact I’ve been a die-hard fan for about a decade, being a member of the Linkin Park Street Team (we call ourselves proud LP Street Soldiers) and the LP Underground, the official fan club of the band, I haven’t been fortunate enough to see them live even once. But that is not quite disheartening, as I have met many wonderful people all over the world throughout the years thanks to them, along with my devoted fellow fans here co-run India’s biggest LP fansite Linkin Park India, officially recognized by the music label EMI Music India here and the biggest online store flipkart, and following Mike‘s own words, not only we are trying to bring my favourite band to my country, but following it in every aspect of our lives.

When we started the band, it was because we were waiting for a sound that never happened. We got tired of waiting, and we decided to just do it ourselves.

– Mike Shinoda

Here is to amazing 10 years of music and memories. 🙂 Waiting for the day to meet my most favourite band on the planet and see them live. Until then.

WP_20130325_005Some of my lil’ LP collection throughout the years. Above pictured is all the studio albums, dvds, LPU albums, extended plays and some samplers from the street team.

Breaking Somewhere Inside

Basically the title comes from three of my favourite songs from my most favourite band Linkin Park which describes my life in a way. The lyrics explain it so beautifully that I don’t need to explain anything.

”The best lyrics are the ones that describe your emotions in ways you always wanted to say but could never find the words” – Mike Shinoda

Breaking The Habit

Somewhere I Belong

From The Inside

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In Search of Lost Time

What song, when you hear it, transports you back in time? What time in your life does it transport you to?

For me, this brings me back to 2005, when I got my first computer, the good old days when the biggest problem was the land-line phone vs. the slow pathetic dial-up internet connection which was a big thing back then. The world wide web was building up, Google became synonymous with God, and peer-to-peer was on the rise. (I don’t know why I said that)

This brings my memory to late ’05 through ’06 and ’07. Linkin Park one of my first and till date most favourite band/music artists close to my heart, (the) Mike Shinoda had released his own side project collaborating with some other artists as a hip-hop group called ‘Fort Minor‘. Fortunately I knew some people back then (they are not dead for fuck’s sake, just not in contact anymore, dam sometimes I sound so inappropriate) who shared my enthusiasm for Linkin Park (now I hardly know who doesn’t)

13601-2000x2000The album ‘The Rising Tied‘ was a different direction from Linkin Park but yet so great that most of the songs resonated with me, my thinking, feelings (quite questionable to many) and life back then. I remember many days coming back from school sitting at my (then garbage, sole) computer at listening to Fort Minor among many others and forgetting about my shitty life.

I guess music is indeed the gift of the faceless one isn’t it? (now sadly demeaned everywhere, do I need to even start on this?) I don’t listen to music much now compared to earlier years, but sometimes (co-incidentally was the last thing of 2012 and first thing of 2013 I did) was listening to an old or such a song brings me back down the memory lane.

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