Far from normal

…I am.

Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

Today’s daily prompt makes me go thinking as I always struggle to introduce or tell about myself. Either I haven’t done anything worthwhile, or I don’t fully understand myself. Actually both. This quote from the acclaimed game Assassin’s Creed 3 crossed my mind thinking about it:

“Part of me wants to fight and repel all outsiders. The other part of me is the outsider.” ― Ratonhnhaké:ton/Conner

Set in the times of the American Revolution, this is the thought which comes across Conner (given name by his mentor, have a look at the unpronounceable name) who is from a tribe of native americans and his father being an english nobleman (ie ‘the outsider’). Well this also reminds me of The Outsider from another acclaimed assassin game Dishonored (2012 was the year of assassins really).

Now coming to topic, while in this context this is quite in literal terms because of his parents and lineage, it makes me think on an intellectual level. I have heard many who phrase in such a way ‘their biggest challenge is competing against themselves’. Well, while that sounds cute, if you think in a way, such a person who always tests themselves and go ahead, doesn’t that make him/her always a loser too? 😛 I’d like to put it rather this way:

“Having no way as way, having no limitation as limitation.”

– Bruce Lee

Harry Potter abnormalAnd sometimes many a times, I find it difficult to term what exactly constitutes normal? Why are many things considered normal just because in majority or something which people have been doing thousands hundreds of years? This argument is endless until most people actually start thinking in a much wider perspective so I’ll leave it at that. Instead I’ll just like to put 6 things which people find odd about me which I have seen, not necessarily I find it odd myself:

  1. My hair. Always get a second look, bitching behind my back (not limited to my hair though) and even on my face at times. I find it strange why people (here) don’t find a guy with long (curly) hair normal. And chicks who actually adore it keep asking my secret. Honestly I hardly do anything special. Actually nothing. Perks of having good hair genes or something like that?
  2. Crooked/Out of the box/Weird/name it how you want. I don’t always think straight. In many cases I don’t think at all, though that’s a different story. I’m not claiming to be a super detective and crime fighter, but to my observation and thoughts, there are mostly different perspectives, even if they are not the most innovative. And I at times tend to overdo it too, such as here, my initial blabber instead writing these points directly.
  3. Girls. Wait, what did you think when you first thought? Well all straight/bi guys and homo females like females, don’t they? Sure I like seeing hot models too. But what really turns me on? Two things, first curly hair. You read that right. Half of the females I bond well with have this trait, as though I magically bond well them. Heck I myself have diabolic curly hair. The other one is that I actually prefer females into health (NOT modeling for fuck’s sake!), sports and shit, who actually eat and are independent. I’m far from a perfect person (and even if I was hypothetically speaking) I would prefer a female (by far) for being herself and who has more reason. I’m glad to know such women of all ages and backgrounds, being strong and awesome they are. Well here’s to hope I get such a woman in my life, well if I ever have that charming person in my life (who am I kidding?). Till then I’ll (try to) get the joke of myself fitter.
  4. I tend to speak/act without thinking many times. That’s right, since I’m being honest anyways on this public platform to unknown no. of people and all, why not say it? This might come back to haunt me too, but for now I don’t much care. I know this might not be a good thing or so, I have this weird idea set in my head since I was a kid, that the most important moments of life leave you no time to think and you must act. While here I’m far from actually implementing it in the right sense and mostly just making a fool of myself, I’m still learning and (trying to) improve myself. Till then read more about the greater fool.Image
  5. I’m sort of a hipster. I always tend to follow lot of things in it’s early days, be it movies, tv shows or anything in soon-to-be-popular media, and I follow em before hitting mainstream. At least rather one good odd thing here, I guess. Sometimes leads me to a “Oh, stop it you!” moments, but I’m not complaining.  😛
  6. I can’t even think of a #6, I’m so pathetic at this. I’ll just end by something more less seen – I don’t condemn suicide. Stop thinking, I don’t support it either. I kinda admire people who do it, irrespective of reasons (though people label all of them as foolish, I would beg to differ depending on the reason actually). I feel that is one decision one has made atleast taking charge of one’s life, even if the rest was pathetic. Not that I’m saying go kill yourself, just saying it’s not really a bad/wrong thing as society puts it. ( get lot of heat on this, mostly senseless as usual). Well like many I indulge in lot of controversial and conspiratorial topics mostly maintaining a neutral ground, that’s not new.

That’s about it. I wish I could have said better. Well perhaps next time.