The why of it all

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music the words make.

– Truman Capote

Why do I write? Because I like to, not that I’m good at it, which is something for the reader to decide, but simply because I enjoy it.

And what keeps me motivated? In reality, nothing. I find it hard as seldom does something keep me motivated in any aspect of life. But then again, you don’t always need something to motivate you which you enjoy doing. It manifests on its own.

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Resolution Solution

Well I never made any New Year’s resolutions, as I have said countless times already they are stupid. I did however decided to do some things more, which is more or less for self-improvement. Among them, I managed to blog regularly in my almost 6 years of blogging. So far 73 blog posts in this month alone, 4 of them in my other blog and the remaining 69 along with this one right here! With an average of 2 posts and some days 3, this is a record in my life time yet. More than the no. of posts in a year previously. So bit happy on that regard, just have to do more useful stuff now.

Coming to the thing which I didn’t do, still haven’t read anything yet. Need to get back into reading more, hell I have to start with something soon!

Which New Year’s resolution haven’t you kept? Why? How will you redouble your efforts to achieve your goal?

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Superstitions. Superstitions Everywhere!

31190887I detest all those foolish superstitions, ranging from the common ones like the black cats (I actually like black cats, they look so sinisterly cool) to the most pathetic ones which get mixed into religion, culture, ethic and heck even humanity!

Till now I never really understood on what basis 7 is a ‘lucky number’ or why 13 is ‘unlucky’. What the fuck is ‘touchwood’? Isn’t there much better things to feel? (If you get what I mean)

Here Indians top the superstition list right from top to bottom. I should rightly call this country the land of superstitions. Majority is summed up in one word – Astrology. I understand different feelings and perceptions about Destiny but this? Ridiculous non-sense! The position of planets in space determine your entire life before you are even born? Do people even know how many planets, systems, stars and what not are there in the first place? Well guess what no one knows. Here the stars know more about your life, what you must pursue, who will be your ideal partner to marry, not you. Don’t even dare question ‘elders’, even if one is a wasted drunk fellow who has to be jailed, simply because he existed for 1 second more than you in this planet. The older you are, the more you know by default, that is the rule. Even if you can’t read or write that is.

And yes by extension never to mess with ‘god’, even if it can get your dick chopped (or something equally bad if you are a female), the superficial auspiciousness of everything is more important than sense and even life. Yeah even some animals are ‘auspicious’ and ‘revered’, even more than the poor fellow who works hard to support his ill family without getting properly paid, while others can be feasted on quite easily without any question.

Every part of the country and subsequently the world has a different such tale. There are many who believe angels are real, but will condemn a person who steps up for a right cause or to simply help a stranger in need when everyone else watching should. And these same people later go to temples/churches and other places of ‘worship’, do poojas and what not in the good lord’s name and caste ill names on the people who speaks their mind out, and who actually speak with sense and truth.

I would stop here, for I might end up writing a book on this, which I rather not and instead do something more useful. I wonder what is the most drastic superstition there is. Do you have any, even if unintentionally bestowed upon you since childhood? Which one or more do you most idiotic?

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The Call?

You receive a call from someone you don’t expect. Who is it, and what is the conversation about?

I don’t get calls from people I’m supposed to expect, unexpected is out of question. Actually I don’t expect anyone to call me at all.

I might just call myself and talk about what the hell I’m doing.

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Ode to a Playground

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

Ah yesterday’s Plinky prompt is today’s daily prompt, more or less. Actually the same. I already said what I had to say in this post, have not much attachment to any place in particular. There are many places I was fond of, but none have held a lasted impression to me. I’m one of those who doesn’t miss his childhood.

As for a playground, for me the whole world (or rather wherever I have been) has been one. Thinking of which, I remember technically the first one I have been, the small one outside (my) kindergarten classrooms of my school. It was a small one with sand and the usual stuff like swings, slides and the circle thing which rotated on which kids stand and make it rotate. Remember it being my most favourite, yet (even now) didn’t bother to know what it’s called.

If such a place is no more (and me having some affection towards it), I would just say:

Change is the changeless law of life.


A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. How do you feel?

There were many places where I have memories associated with my childhood, but none of them I’m attached to feel very sentimental about. That’s the way I’m, and have always been, I do get bit attached to things but they don’t tend to last much longer so I doubt I can call them that in the first place. That being the reason why I don’t actually recollect such a place ceasing to exist now. My most favourite childhood place well, is my home where I still live in. Now wouldn’t want that to be ‘destroyed’ and me ending up on the road, you know.

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Play it, baby!

As if by magic, you can now play the guitar with great skill. What’s the first song you will play?

Hotel California by the Eagles. Unless you are not from this planet, no chance you might have not heard it, even if you don’t listen to music. While I would dig into many other great songs out there, Linkin Park being my most favourite band of all time, and lot of great music out there today (amidst the more crappy ones in the name of music) that is one of the first song which actually made me want to learn to play the guitar when I was a kid in school. That didn’t go so well though, as I’m more interested in drums and in the technical aspect, and till date didn’t get the opportunity haven’t learned a dam thing. Someday for sure.

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The Grey

I have a lot of favourite poems, had a very keen interest in them before (and even used to write myself). For now I could think of only this small four lined one:

Once more into the fray…
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.
Live and die on this day…
Live and die on this day…

This is from the movie The Grey (2011). It conveys a powerful meaning in just few lines, not only in the movie itself, but when you think about it, in our very lives of survival. As subtle as it says ‘once more into the fray, into the last good fight I’ll ever know’, every moment in our lives is a fight we must face, and that may define our very life. Many are generally mistaken that one is at their own best when they have nothing to lose, but the truth is having something to lose, something worth fighting for is what makes one go ahead. It should be noted that it goes live and die on this day and not or (contrary to the popular saying ‘live/do or die’ or the modern iteration ‘do it before you die’) which signifies continuing from the previous line ‘…Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.’ that this is the moment and we must live it, and die with it, the next will play on itself depending on our actions.

“The ‘moment’ has no yesterday or tomorrow. It is not the result of thought and therefore has no time.” – Bruce Lee

Also on another note, if you haven’t seen The Grey you must see this movie, a very moving tale on survival.

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The Jan-ourney so far

So with two thirds of the the first month of this year almost over, not much change in the monotonous life so far. I’m not a person of the kind who makes any New Year’s resolution as I look forward to each day as a new challenge to face or simply doze off. But this time I have some interesting notes to point out.

I bought my own (name) domain and started a second ie this blog: for more frequent writing after facing a hiatus in the past few months. Happy to say within 20 days, wrote over 50 posts which is a personal record! Counting from this and my first blog which got me into the world of blogging which will turn 6 this year. Major credits goes to The Daily Post and Plinky for the cool prompts.

Haven’t hit the books yet (whichever came to your head first, that is true) but will do so soon.

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