Superstitions. Superstitions Everywhere!

31190887I detest all those foolish superstitions, ranging from the common ones like the black cats (I actually like black cats, they look so sinisterly cool) to the most pathetic ones which get mixed into religion, culture, ethic and heck even humanity!

Till now I never really understood on what basis 7 is a ‘lucky number’ or why 13 is ‘unlucky’. What the fuck is ‘touchwood’? Isn’t there much better things to feel? (If you get what I mean)

Here Indians top the superstition list right from top to bottom. I should rightly call this country the land of superstitions. Majority is summed up in one word – Astrology. I understand different feelings and perceptions about Destiny but this? Ridiculous non-sense! The position of planets in space determine your entire life before you are even born? Do people even know how many planets, systems, stars and what not are there in the first place? Well guess what no one knows. Here the stars know more about your life, what you must pursue, who will be your ideal partner to marry, not you. Don’t even dare question ‘elders’, even if one is a wasted drunk fellow who has to be jailed, simply because he existed for 1 second more than you in this planet. The older you are, the more you know by default, that is the rule. Even if you can’t read or write that is.

And yes by extension never to mess with ‘god’, even if it can get your dick chopped (or something equally bad if you are a female), the superficial auspiciousness of everything is more important than sense and even life. Yeah even some animals are ‘auspicious’ and ‘revered’, even more than the poor fellow who works hard to support his ill family without getting properly paid, while others can be feasted on quite easily without any question.

Every part of the country and subsequently the world has a different such tale. There are many who believe angels are real, but will condemn a person who steps up for a right cause or to simply help a stranger in need when everyone else watching should. And these same people later go to temples/churches and other places of ‘worship’, do poojas and what not in the good lord’s name and caste ill names on the people who speaks their mind out, and who actually speak with sense and truth.

I would stop here, for I might end up writing a book on this, which I rather not and instead do something more useful. I wonder what is the most drastic superstition there is. Do you have any, even if unintentionally bestowed upon you since childhood? Which one or more do you most idiotic?

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