Power of Names

Although having a cool name is, well, cool, I’ve always been the what’s in a name? kind of person, maybe because thanks to my parents, specifically my father for my short and sweet one.

There is a short story behind my real name though (yes, contrary to what you might believe I have one as well 😛 ). Essentially, my first name Aditya in Sanskrit translates to the Sun God in Hindu mythology. (there’s a wiki entry too if you’re so interested) It’s a fairly uncommon name here in India, you probably might find a one named in every third group or so. (I totally made that up) Though I’m mostly known by my surname (or last name if you reader are American) Iyer is much cooler though, and I’m more known by that or just, nameless. 😉

But that’s not why my father named me that. When I finally popped out over two decades ago, my pops was reading a magazine on one of India’s biggest and most prominent industrialist of the same name, so perhaps he kinda expected his first born would do something of the same sort (not so sorry to disappoint so far pop!). And no, I’m totally not commenting on is sudden unexpected death just a few years later. Names are powerful aye?

They call me The Nameless One

And you probably know that already. Well since asked, my earth born name is Aditya (among many others by which this one is known) which my pop named me when I was born after this guy. He was reading a magazine about this legendary industrialist business tycoon. Way to think/dream big, Pop. Just that he died after a few years of my birth, which I suppose is not to be taken well… In any case, here is me. Also if you just wanna know, my name translates to Sun/Sun God in Sanskrit, not that it matters though.


The Nameless One

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

This blog title of mine is a reflection of how I consider myself. I already wrote a decent (well I hope) post about this in my first post of this blog which you can read here.

As for my other blog which I have been writing for about five and a half years now, the title is pretty much self explanatory.