Louis C.K. Explains Why Smartphones Are Awful, And It’s Heartbreaking


Well, that’s not a typo, it’s a now-a-days way of showing emphasis.

Jabs about how we can’t stop checking our phones are incredibly common, but that doesn’t stop comedian Louis C.K. from having some hilarious, if not sad insight as to why we do it. He makes such small but crucial points which is a problem everywhere in today’s world.

This video has been making the rounds these days, well, you can see for yourself why.

I Forgot My Phone


This simple video yet powerful video shows a very big problem of our current generation. Well, those who are fortunate to live in places and can afford a decent lifestyle such as this anyways.
Not being a mobile-savy person myself, making me kind of an odd man out, after seeing this, I’m glad at it.