We are extraordinary people

I came across this song by the trailer of this upcoming game which I’m dying to get (and equally dying hoping it releases on PC). The song is Not Your Kind Of People by Garbage. Although this record released last year, it perfectly sums up my growing up in childhood and even my current state. Just beautiful.


Heck it’s so beautiful that I’ll transcribe/put down the lyrics here so you don’t have to go anywhere.

We are not your kind of people.
You seem kind of phoney.
Everything’s a lie.
We are not your kind of people.
Something in your makeup.
Don’t see eye to eye.

We are not your kind of people.
Don’t want to be like you.
Ever in our lives.
We are not your kind of people.
We fight when you start talking.
There’s nothing but white noise

Running around trying to fit in,
Wanting to be loved.
It doesn’t take much.
For someone to shut you down.
When you build a shell,
Build an army in your mind.
You can’t sit still.
And you don’t like hanging round the crowd.
They don’t understand

You dropped by as I was sleeping.
You came to see the whole commotion.
And when I woke I started laughing.
The jokes on me for not believing.

We are not your kind of people.
Speak a different language.
We see through your lies.
We are not your kind of people.
Won’t be cast as demons,
Creatures you despise.

We are extraordinary people. We are…

Besides, one of my friends daily does a music blog with some cool music, you might want to check that out if you like hearing new different music.

Call Me, Maybe

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

That is an interesting question. My relationship with my phone has changed quite a lot over time, I got my first phone when I was in 9th grade in school, when I was 14. It was a Nokia 1600 which my pop gave me after he got a relatively better one. Well I remember that not being a good tale, it was some Sony Ericsson phone which got stolen less than a week of getting. The following year I got a good phone of that time, SE W580i. I had a big fascination with Sony Ericsson that time, when they made really great phones, which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. Then again the next year, I got the SE Cybershot C905 and it was the best phone I had till date, I had it for over 3 years, also longest yet. I was totally in love with that phone of mine, being an enthusiastic photographer I went about clicking everywhere with it, which rivaled many good cameras itself (it was the world’s first 8 megapixel camera phone and was the best at it’s time). Now it’s dead body remains in my drawer. Many of my good memories of the past were with it, if there were any.

urlWell I used it as a camera most and phone seldom. although there were brief periods when I used to talk to people a lot. I was never a people’s person, and always been a social outcast. Well after it’s demise, since almost the past 3 years I have used multiple ‘spare’ phones, none great and only for basic communication and spent months together without a phone. Yeah that is possible in today’s 21st century, contrary to popular beliefs. Currently I have a not so great, HTC Explorer, not so courtesy of my pop who being a typical Indian parent who thinks he knows everything and mainly because my mother was freaking out as I wander about anywhere and she goes bonkers. Mothers you see.

At least for the first time I’m to a limited extent getting to try out internet and services like WhatsApp for the first time which has been the trend these days. I still wish for a decent phone though, but actually more of a good camera as I don’t believe a cell phone to be an extension of myself.