Just a lunch

It’s one of those winter afternoons which I like, not hot or cold, just pleasant.
I’m sitting with my meaty sandwich just the way I like it. Chicken, ham, pepperoni, eggs, and cheese.
My mouth was already watering when it was being made, and as I hastily unwrap it to eat it.
I take a bite. And another. I look around. Some people around.
Another bite.
I uploaded the picture I took on Instagram before the devouring began for the on-going #100happydays.
I look at the time, and tad reflect on my life.
By this time, the sandwich is over. Lunch is done.

Now it was time for desert.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

WP_20130316_011 WP_20130316_013WP_20130316_016

Just some (or most, depending how you look at it 😛 ) of the lunch which I had today. Gave 2 of my friends my so called pending birthday treat today (which was about a month ago) and we went to Barbeque Nation which has some amazing food. On a side note, their washrooms have BOSE speakers! I mean what the hell? :O