Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.

I remember my first day of college back in 2010. Suffice to say, it was not something I want to remember. In a way uneventful, boring day with a petty fight against the professor right in the morning within some minutes of college beginning. That bad start is still sort of lingering.

No End, No Beginning

“If there’s no end, There can be no beginning.

It feels like forsaking the dawn, we awaken and still we don’t see.”

I can go and quote the entire song which is one of my most favourite from one of my favourite bands Poets Of The Fall. While I personally don’t have the celebration spirit (you can check out my post on other blog here which I tried to give an account of the preceding year) I decided to use this as a good excuse to start a second blog being more of a micro-blog, journal or whatever you would like to call it. Besides WordPress is cool, been using this platform for 3 years now solely for following other fellow bloggers and blogs. I got domain for cheap and quite pleased how WordPress has integrated support for custom owned domains.

This is the first time I’m actually writing a introductory post, contrary to my first blog which I started over 5 years ago blatantly when I was a foolish kid (not a kid anymore, but can’t comment about the foolish aspect) which then went to become a big part of me and what I do, manifesting the interest in active journalism in me. I’ll use this as my small journal to write about things which hopefully shouldn’t exceed a page on a more regular basis. So taking this as a good excuse I would just like to say about my nick name/online alias I chose for myself which I have been using for a long time and quite some people have asked me about it: ‘the nameless one’

It is not quite a original name, let me tell you that as that has been used in various contexts over time (google is your best friend padawan, or is it bing now?) but for me personally that resonates very often because of my constant question of myself and the world around me.

What is the face of humanity? What is the voice of it? Ever wondered about it. Walk in a crowd, yet all alone, see a random face. That is me. That is the face of humanity, the noise is the voice (although I stand out thanks to my freakishly unique appearance) Humanity is faceless, we are all it’s nameless seeds which make it thrive, whether a beautiful blossom, a poisonous killer or a bloody odour. And I’m one of them, a nameless being. A nameless one, whose existence might not matter in my own world.

You don’t need a new year to change yourself. Or for ‘resolving’ to do something new/different. That is just plain stupid if you ask me. Although it’s a dam famous cliche which I myself for the first time using it now, but always remember, the point is to move on ahead, coming to how I started this and edited and re-edited about 10 times to make it sound less pathetic, there is no beginning without an end.

So hope you had a normal/nice/great/whatever new years eve. As for me, I was walking back home alone listening to “Feel Like Home” by Fort Minor after a long time when the clock struck 2013 here. So yeah Happy New Year to myself. Not that I care of anyways.

For those who look forward to everyday as a fresh new challenge, there is no ‘new year’ for them. Life is not measured in years, but in actions.

– Yours truly.

Have a great life ahead.

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This is now also for another daily prompt on 12/2/2013.