All you can eat!

Here is a small account of the most satisfying meal I’ve ever eaten.

This is post I had written in relation to that awesome restaurant where I had it (in Dec ’12) where you can find the name, map location and a picture.

Now coming to the splendid meal thanks to a friend who gave me and another a treat for his birthday, we decided to try that restaurant since we heard quite a good deal about it and besides always on the look out for trying new places when possible.

There it was a buffet system. And since it was a sunday, there was more variety in the menu that day because of that, and well at the same time being more expensive per person (about 750 INR per person). But no worries since I was in for treat. 😀

The ambiance of the place was great. Moreover, there was a festival going on at that time on the theme of Hawaii so it was a greenish atmosphere. The starters were simply amazing, and as was the word some of the best there was. Good variety in both vegetarian and meat. Several varieties of grilled and juicy chicken, mutton, fish, prawns, was simply mouth watering, and also fried potatoes, cottage cheese and paneer (which were the only veg stuff we had), all on countless multiple rounds. We were kind of full on the starters itself, but well all of us were demons when it came to eating (and well, drinking).

After a lot of hogging munching on the starters, came the time for the main course. There was about 5-7 dishes in non-veg and 10 in vegetarian, so there is no worry for thinking of not worth it if you don’t eat meat, it is great. That was the first time I had crab, it was okay, along with chicken, mutton and the others, overall making it good. And the best/most favourite came at the end, the desserts. Dam awesome. 😀


Unlike most other humans these days, I don’t think about to click pictures of what I’m about to eat. I just dam eat it. And more. And more. Now this is one of those plenty of reasons I’m glad to be a ’90s person who well still retains some of the sensible aspects. That’s why I took just a picture with my garbage phone after half into my dessert because I knew I might blog about it sometime, and not just stupid share and #hashtag it saying what I had.

Oh the funny moment was, I and my friend ordered drinks and paid for them ourselves as already it was going too much for the poor party giver, as he always later regrets why he gave in the first place. 😛 And besides he didn’t drink, and the waiter who went to ask him for his and upon getting the reply that he doesn’t drink went into a shock who exclaimed “Not even a beer?!”. He said nope. Funny how beer had become a non-alcoholic non-drinker’s drink these days. Well kinda true, more or less.

I think I should head there again on my birthday since it’s been awhile. On the other hand, I might not, I’m already poor. And now my mouth is watering and tummy making those noises remembering that awesome food. Goddam.

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