Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

Speaking of backgrounds, while the word brings many wonderful (and also awful) imagery to the mind, I was always curious about the ones at events like in premiers, launches or anywhere in general. Honestly most are really meh, in spite of all the stupidity, while there are those which have really work put in them.

ImageThis was from the Mumbai Comic-Con 2012. Simply well done. And here is another one, from the launch of the book, ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’ when I met one of (rather only) my favourite Indian author which was on my birthday. Well the artwork of the book is so magnificent that really nothing more work was required.


The (Immortal) Secret of Amish Tripathi #INKtalks


Amish Tripathi, you sir are awesome. The first sunday of the 2013 I dedicate to you in this post of mine.

For those of you who call yourself an Indian and reader of sorts, he needs no introduction. Undoubtedly my most favourite Indian writer, I hardly read Indian fiction and The Shiva Trilogy is the example which shows the wonderful hidden writers in our country. Coming to his debut work, writing on the mightiest of the hindu gods and making him a being who eventually paves his way of becoming a god (it’s like stripping Superman of his powers and he his on his way to become Superman) is itself very intriguing. I mean who does that? (especially being in India full of fanatics who just like making a controversy on any dam thing)

Coming to why I’m writing this, see the above video from a INK 2011 talk (finish reading this please?) I find myself in the same dilemma of doing what I want most in my life, just a small problem is I’m one step behind- I don’t even know what I want from my life!

I think I’m also waiting for what my soul yearns for, finding that thing where success will cease to matter. Till then the search is still on for me. Till then I’ll continue writing, shooting, traveling, getting myself in trouble, helping others getting out, and all what I do 😀

I remember back in early 2010 being very excited about The Immortals of Meluha and reading the first chapter which was thrown out free for us hungry dogs desiring good Indian fiction. I was completely stroked. The Immortals of Meluha was IT. Still proud of being among the early fans (which is my specialty, liking and publicizing things before they go mainstream). I can’t wait for this to turn into a big blockbuster film and finally give the world Indian mythology which will be a good fight to the likes of famous Greek, Roman and Norse mythology (and in turn eradicate false/orthodox thinking of so many people here)

Here is wishing Amish big success for the upcoming The Oath of the Vayuputras which I can’t wait for and in my flipkart pre-order (dam I gave them such a big fortune so far, can’t they give me something as a compliment? :P).

Last month I got a personal invite for attending his talk in Churchgate from the organizers/friends, and I still curse myself (more the University of Mumbai) for having an exam on the same day in the afternoon. My young sister nabbed the opportunity, went met him and spoke with him also scoring an autograph for herself and she already has a crush on him (beware Amishs wife) 😛

Hopefully I’ll able to do the same (not the crush part) for the release of the third book *fingers crossed*

In other news, I enrolled for INK talks volunteering program for INK2013 (and subsequent years henceforth) for my desire of making the world a better place and in that process, hopefully myself. So expect a lot of INK related material coming up too. Hopefully I’ll make the cut. Check it out, you might be the next innovator too!