Golden Years

The Golden Years is less of a definitive period and more variant for an individual as opposed to others (like the golden age of comic books or television)

By definition, Golden Age refers to a mythological period of primeval human existence perceived as an ideal state when human beings were pure and free from suffering.

But as already said, when you take into account life of an individual and not something collective, it’s different for everybody. Usually the golden years for a person can be regarded at their initial ages, a baby or young child being loved and pampered by everyone around. But those born with a disease, thrown away as unwanted, or worse born into some captivity like slavery shows a different picture. For many school/college life is the most cherished, but not for many going through perpetual struggles which range from bullying to monetary. All well to do and happy? Time for some real retrospection.

All this is not even dramatic, it happens everyday all around the world, even right now. The more you know, the more you realize how much things are really fucked up. But hey, happiness is not an unachievable goal. It’s always unknown when will one be free from suffering, even for a bit, but that’s not what the aim should really be. It’s should be for finding oneself and true happiness. Golden years don’t just come, they have to be made, just like from the ore.


Generation XYZ

Myself being from the millennial generation, dubbed as the Internet and Entrepreneurial generation among others, apart from the ones among us, it’s interesting (and equally/more annoying) to observe the ones who came before and those coming after. Here is a neat infographic showcasing the different ages. Also, here are some more infographics on the Millennial Gen.