A moment of clarity in the pursuit of happyness

A moment where something obscure suddenly made sense, a moment where the future was not quite laid out for me, waiting for me to realize it.

Often feeling life right now is more like chasing an invisible ghost than a clear objective, left with sore eyes, sweaty palms and a troubled head, and with no scarcity of shortcomings and masquerades.

While not being an exceptional being in my current brief existence (and not so great scenario), this comic illustrates what makes me dread, and makes me realize:

It dawns to me. I don’t want to be scared anymore. I want to be happy.

The realization is that my happiness is something that is in my control to create control, something that I can create for myself and manage. What it means and how it works, are still a little hazy for me, but the idea is there, I feel it in my bones.

While I maybe far from it, still working on it. 🙂