Singin’ in the Rain

Mumbai is one of the highest rainfall regions in the world, and it’s a shit storm here in monsoons. Heck entire roads and alleyways disappear, which most others see in the movies, this is a very big problem here. I don’t hate the rains, I’m glad when the heat is gone but for those who ‘wait for the rain and happy with the showers from heaven’, I just like to look in their faces when this happens. It’s raining like hell here, well wet hell anyways and it’s just June. I dread to think what will happen in July, just going to be worse as that’s when it’s the worse, whose signs are already present. Or it might just go dry for all you know. Rains.


Sleeping on the mud

Alright, that might sound bizarre, but that is a classic example of free association thanks to today’s daily prompt.

So first things which to my mind when I hear (okay here read):

home: sleep, laze around, computer, mother (yeah really!) and scratching wherever I want freely 😛 (quite true isn’t it?)

soil: mud (pardon my lack of imagination at times)

rain: smell of mud, walking, hiking

And as the title says, I did sleep on the mud in the countryside and mountains quite a few times. You should try it, away from our monotonous lives, really bliss.