My room at age ten

Okay so the title is just partially true, as technically I never had a room of my own so far, and the living room was always ‘my room’ (except when the kitchen and toilet were required that is)

When I think about over a decade ago, my home didn’t have over half the things there is today, and yet seemed messy. Here is a previous post specifically on my living room.

As you can see from there, except the bed with a different thing on it back then, nothing was is present now was there. Since it’s phoneography month going on, here is another picture.


The folding table which is now loaded with my sister’s laptop and junk was on the opposite side of the room and only used when we had guests over for dinner in the house. And one thing I recall, despite having a big bed in the bedroom and another one in the (which I currently crash in) hall (the more common word here for living room). The (almost) entire family used to sleep here on the floor (with the mattresses and all that stuff of course). Only my grandma used to sleep in the bedroom as she used to get up at times for various reasons. I didn’t quite understand why, despite having enough room leaving only person to crash on the floor, which no minded or actually cared about then.

Well as years rolled by, when I was 14 or so, she became bed-ridden and was present in the hall while I stilled crashed on the floor and the rest three viz pops, mother and sister slept in the bedroom as it was enough for three. She died in June 2011, and now I sleep in her bed since then. Guess now everyone have grown too old for sleeping on hard surfaces too. ๐Ÿ˜›

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Living Room (not so) Clean Slate

Explore the room youโ€™re in as if youโ€™re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?


Viewing today’s daily prompt on my laptop ๐Ÿ˜€

So I’m in my living room now, often (or rather mostly) called ‘hall’ in the Indian tongue. My laptop and other (related) things occupy a table adjacent to another table which has my home desktop PC which is adjacent to the front door. All this to my left. To my right lies another chair and my bed where I sleep. So you can say my maximum moment is between where I’m seated (now for instance) in front of my laptop and the bed which is hardly a meter away ๐Ÿ˜›


Precious bed is precious.


In front of (and above) me is the huge glass cupboard (don’t know why it’s called that as more than half the thing is wood of some sort) which is filled with books, books and books, along with some other crap here and there. I wish I had a dog and not just a big stuff toy gathering dust which you can see in the picture. Same story with other sections of the house, which also has some pairings, statues of various sizes of deities and others, various decorative pieces and all crap which I’m not bothered about. My house is not the cleanest of places, but still decent enough though.


When I turn my back I can see The Dark Knight Rises poster in all its glory which is the first thing visible when entering my home, on which I already mentioned few things in yesterday’s brilliant daily prompt. Two (more!) tables between them is a chair and on all of them (this time) are my sister’s junk. And some of my mother’s. And somewhere over there is the way to the other places in the house.

Total table count in living room = 4. I wonder myself, really?

While writing this I just remembered the ‘evolution’ of the living room, when things were changed, moved, thrown out, new stuff b(r)ought in. Like that my favourite Club Furniture sofa. As time passes, became more congested, just like our world. And since this is the living room, safe to say everyone in the house ‘lives’ here.

I wish I had my own room (which I don’t) And thankfully (for you?) the question was about the current room I’m at and not the most important room of the house, otherwise I would have (without a second thought) posted a image of my toilet/commode. Hey that’s true right?