Guinness World Record for secret santa 2012

WP_20130921_16_57_18_ProHere is me holding my new shiny Guinness World Record certificate.

WP_20130921_17_03_29_ProHere it is in all it’s glory.

Some more pictures in album here. So last month it was finally announced that we participants in redditgifts for secret santa 2012, now hold a new Guinness World Record for 44,805 participants successfully completing the largest online secret santa game!

What is this redditgifts you may ask. See this video below:

Last year in the month of November, I took part in this online event called secret santa, in which people (mostly redditors) sign up for taking part in a worldwide exchange, in which people anonymously (or not, depending on their choice) send gifts to each other. After the final sign-up date, users are randomly matched by the system and each participant is assigned a giftee, thus that user becoming the (secret) santa.

Just think about that for a minute: 44,805 internet strangers from 130 countries put their faith in one another and exchanged gifts. Isn’t that something beautiful? Sharing gifts and happiness all over the world, and a world record just for being nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ (and spending a bit of money, in my case thanks to my nice mom ๐Ÿ˜› but it’s the thinking and effort that counts)

Going backwards, it’s these small things which make the big picture. And this was my first exchange in which I took part in, and it was so great that it’s still there after almost a year. And earlier today holding that certificate is really a milestone! I’m now officially a Guinness World Record holder! Can’t thank redditgifts enough! ๐Ÿ˜€

They have awesome exchanges throughout the year, on different themes and occasions, and since then I’ve become a regular enthusiast there. Can’t wait for ss again this year in the coming months, and hopefully we’ll break the record again! You can take part too this time when it arrives and give it a shot! You can find me on redditgifts here and at reddit here. See you around!


Darth Vader gift!

Although this prompt is for bittersweet memories, since I’m opting for the photography mode as usual, here is a recent sweet gift I got from a kind redditor and complete stranger from Australia, via Star Wars exchange on redditgifts. It’s all about giving and sharing the love, where people all over the world gift absolute strangers, having their identity secret mostly (by default) and in the end one can choose to say who you are if you want. I have hardly celebrated any occasion in my life let alone getting gifts, but this was completely awesome. Check out this gift’s complete details here.