Space Culture?

NASA is building a new Voyager spacecraft that will carry the best of modern human culture. What belongs onboard?

This question did quite confuse me a bit, is it the noun one of ideas, beliefs, customs of various societies/places around the world, or the biology verb one meaning like tissues cells,
bacteria, etc.?

In case of former, well it’s an interesting question, considering either people like/are proud of culture(s) of others/their own, but at the same time are quite critical of the same. And worse, it can go to extremes. AND, in many cases, they are not wrong too! In the name of culture, there is tremendous amount of stupidity and utter non-sense all around the world (and I come from a country which that can be seen at first hand literally everywhere, regardless of who)
I believe whatever culture one follows, it doesn’t mean anything unless it has rational reasoning to it to a certain extent, and most importantly being decent human beings.

As for the latter, well I’m no biology expert so I don’t know.

A Manner of Speaking

Well I don’t know what much to say for this, since I don’t particular have a pattern which can be noticed or mimicked. Though I tend to speak fast and before I used to stammer a lot, for which the insignificant species still at times ridicule me for it but now things are much better. Well I don’t know whether I’ll have to boast about my vast vocabulary or hipster nature, but I use words like ‘godspeed’ and phrases like ‘back in the day’ a lot which is quite prominent. The former mainly came from The Witcher franchise of games, which is my most favourite and one of the best there is, see my review of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings here. While the latter is, well more of a self made thing (origin unknown) which is a favourite of the likes of some I know.