Loneliness Illustrated So Beautifully You Will Need To Tell Someone

I often write (and talk!) about loneliness and being alone. It’s something I personally quite struggle with, perhaps all my life, circa rise of the Internet. Well, in a manner of speaking all those in their 20s and 30s today practically grew up with it. And yet, out there I’m always surprised at finding that I’m not alone in my thoughts, and there are those who put things so quite brilliantly that I can’t help but smile (with my head spinning at the same time)

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo. (for some odd reason the vimeo video isn’t being embedded here)

via Upworthy, sharing the exact sentiments. In a world where we collect friends like stamps, here’s some sense for our social networks. At 0:40, my jaw hits the floor when creator Shimi Cohen outlines the capacity of our social circles. And when at 2:20 he gets into the mind-blowing reason hitting delete is a crutch… Yup, my brains were pretty much leaking out my ears.

Do watch and share (oh the irony) the video. Now I really need to talk to someone.