Local Flavor

There’s this place called Fizzy around the place I live, it’s a local cafe which serves a variety of soda, juices, (great) cold coffee, hot beverages, ice-cream, grilled sandwiches, frankies and stuff like that. The cold cappuccino is my all time favourite. If this place ever became a ‘tourist attraction’ or if you’re not from here and simply come around this part, this place you should go. Would make for a great destination.

WP_20130403_004While it’s not a big place run by a multi-national corp of some sorts, this is the big happening place here. I’m coming to this place since literally the first day it came up about 10 years ago! Time flies so fast. I remember being a school kid coming up with some friends and witnessing the opening which was a small shop back then which is now a big cool cafe where for people, friends to hang out, for couples to make out and that sort of thing 😛

I still come here almost everyday, and have my cold coffee before heading home. Sometimes Many times I just head out there to have one. Even the owner of the place knows me very well, well that was in a way a no brainer. And dam I mentioned this place before in a previous challenge post and still don’t have any picture of this place. Time to rectify it!