The State of the State

… is pathetic if I have to describe here in one word.

To elaborate on this, I don’t know where to begin with, as things are pretty much messed up in all directions. As much as we all love to point fingers and bad mouth the politicians and government (which is true not at all questioning that), the problem is equally because of the ignorant, arrogant, unaware and not willing to open their heads or no anything citizens. But here I’ll stick to rant on the government for now.

For now on my part, the only service I can do is first be aware myself, and use my power of talking and writing. Otherwise this will remain just another one of the zillions of everyday rant without meaning.

Looking at the recent string of events here in the country, I want to talk about women. Being a guy, dedicated to the as we put it (which I still don’t know why really) ‘the better half’ of our lives, for her who probably was your first friend, and especially for her because of whom anyone who is alive on the planet (even if you are an animal intelligently capable enough of reading this) right now. And just note, while I don’t want to trivialize this issue at all by making some puns, just that without a usual pun or two might end up making you cry and your device wet and then blame me, we don’t want that do we?

And how do the proud men (and equally disgustingly women too), so called leaders and citizens treat her? Just like a commodity, piece of shit. Not being harsh, but the truth, No matter how proud one is of your so called culture, religion, community or whatever the fuck is its, facts show largely otherwise. The horrific Delhi Rape case which occurred in December 2012 threw the country in outrage and hit international news. I refrained from writing anything on it because, for what? What did all those stupid (extremely I might add) candle light marches achieved? In the recent years, I saw birth to a new class in society, the ‘candle march’ class who will do nothing to prevent something like this from happening, do nothing to help and only such drama while at it.

Oh pardon me, I was supposed to attack the government and not the foolish people right? Well the irony is, after that ‘incident’ the only thing which has changed is the increase in the no. of such sick assaults and rapes happening, and what’s the use if all this horrible acts which were happening for years brought to highlight but nothing done upon? And then comes the wonderful media, various NGOs screaming human rights and the politicians in the mix without knowing even basic communication skills let alone English. The horrible mindset which is so ridiculous I don’t even want to type here, I would rather spam tell the government go fuck yourself a hundred times and that would still be more decent!

Anyways, apart from the usual ranging from utter non-sense to false promises by the government to the momentary burst of enthusiasm by people, nothing much is happening. There are those who are trying to bring about change but just mocked and looked down upon by the real useless lot. So don’t be on the latter.


While the government has a lot to do to make things better, first change will start only from us, the people. It’s only your will which determines and what truly matters. Rest just follows. Respect women, and not only women but everyone regardless of sex, age, beliefs, race or anything else. Unless someone is not worthy of it and the world is better off without whom needs to be shot dead, but that’s not for you or me to decide.

That was my side, you can say from a guy’s perspective. As a woman, here is a wonderful piece I read some weeks back on Women’s day, where the writer nicely puts it from her side, how and only when the situation of women will improve when they stop sympathizing for themselves and getting so called special women privileges.

IndiBlogger had a meet with The Times of India for this campaign Mumbai For Women, an initiative to highlight the city’s duty towards its female citizens. A duty that the city (and I must add the country and perhaps the world?) has been repeatedly ignoring.

Right to Health

Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

To answer this question, I would like to put it this way: The government is supposed to provide good medical care to citizens, but unfortunately the failure is to such an extent that not even basic requirements are met to millions. The story is pretty much the same around the globe. All of the hardworking tax payers’ money is being swallowed by the corrupt, and in worse cases getting treatment is like fighting against a crime. Isn’t it a crime by the government? But why would they care? The rich can manage, the middle struggle and the poor just suffer.

Here comes to the private sector. We all know government hospitals suck. In most cases, just to sound real but you know the real story. On the other hand, many private hospitals which have the best of the doctors and facilities and more like a luxury hotel, only serve a fraction of the whole people. If I were have to choose, I would have to go with the lesser evil here, as in this case atleast something is being done.

Sure we have a ‘Right to Health*’ but the unwritten part is ‘*Limited conditions, otherwise go fuck yourselves’.

Update: Today in latest news I’m disgusted to know India is the second lowest country in the world which spends on health care.

Hardly 1% of the GDP is spent on the health sector. The Government doesn’t do anything, not does it help the private health sector. I knew things were fucked up, I never knew the numbers that it is so goddam fucked up!

And they are satisfied with the fact the lowest is Pakistan, as we are above them. Being happy just being a spot above one of the most fucked up failed state in the world, seriously? Even (I should add relatively) poorer countries in Africa do more!

And you expect India to be a super power, let alone a developed nation!?

Are you out of your fucking minds you fucked up morons?! ARGH!