Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Sorry for the delay again. So in making up for my escape, it here are not one but two. First one is from a small trek over 2 years ago, at a place called Kolwan. I really love that country side place, and I curse myself for being in my current life scenario, I ought to be on the go more now. Here is the facebook album with more pics. Away from this worldly conflict. Bliss.

39692_460457280151_933678_nThe second one is just my laptop and some good things to eat. Video games, movies and highlighted here, television, another way of escape for me from this world.



Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

Some of these daily prompts like this one truly makes me confused sometimes as to what exactly I’m supposed to say. Or think, as a matter of fact. Right now in real life, if I were to have a grand escape, it would be from the sort of messed up life I’m in, just do something worthwhile and run from here. Just figuring out what exactly is that I’m supposed to or want to. And speaking of escapes, I just finished playing BioShock Infinite, a game which was long awaited and finally done. Co-incidentally funny, that exactly dealt with a grand escape with a complex intellectual storyline, and was very beautiful.