74 years of Batman

The world’s first super hero Superman isn’t the only one celebrating a long run. Just about a year and a month later, which is actually 74 years ago as said, the world’s other greatest superhero Batman celebrates 74 years of existence, debuting in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939.

Fun Fact: Detective Comics #27 (May 1939) featured the first appearance of Batman (as “The Bat-Man”). That superhero would eventually become the star of the title, the cover logo of which is often written as “Detective Comics featuring Batman”. Because of its significance, issue #27 is widely considered one of the most valuable comic books in existence, with one copy selling for $1,075,000 in a February 2010 auction.


Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest detective, The Dark Knight!

Here is the latest of the numerous incarnations of the character throughout these many years, in the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins of the critically acclaimed Batman Arkham game franchise. It is in fact almost an origin story as the name says, taking place in the second year of Batman in his career as the world famous vigilante.


While we are getting the highly awaited Man of Steel in Superman‘s 75th year this summer, I’m wondering what are we in store for Batman‘s 75th next year. At least something right?

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