Press, Endure, Survive

Instead of three blog posts which I liked, I’d just want to point out to one by a friend of mine Joogz. I met this panda sized guy some months ago and we became quick friends because of (a lot) common interests. He is a graphic artist.

Well technically just knowing each other for some months, being and each others’ places and being aware of the general shit we do, when I read this post of his last week I was completely taken aback. I couldn’t imagine such a tragic sad story behind the face of such a hilarious funny often annoying guy. I admit we all have problems, some of us worse, personally I too didn’t have a great childhood not having much cherished memories (and I’m even a declared borderline sociopath now on the verge of insanity!) but I’ll keep my worthless story for some other time.

This got me into thinking there is always worse on this planet then we can care to think about, even close around us without being much aware. No, I’m not going to give a pep talk on how thankful you should be for what you have, nor suggesting you to go and shower praise or empathy for him or someone like him. It’s just the three words I mentioned in the title, nothing else.

Go read that post. It might give you some courage if you are in the need of some. And he does great artwork and music blogging too, so you might want to follow him.

3 thoughts on “Press, Endure, Survive

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