The cake is a lie


Those are some of the most famous words in video gaming, from the game Portal. You can’t yourself a gamer regardless of what and where you play if you haven’t played Portal.

Now coming to cakes, today is my (21st) birthday. I never wrote a post pertaining to my birthday, heck I never even celebrate(d). I do shit all the time anyways. An intersting conversation struck between me and a friend of mine, Mehul, who is a fellow big bat-fan. Today is also his birthday (so drop by and wish him too if you must) but unlike me he wasn’t aware of it. I sent him a text at midnight and he replied back with a thank you matey. After 1 AM or so, I got a call from him, and this happened:

Mehul: Hello sir.

Me: Hello sir.

Mel: Wish you many happy returns of the day!

Me: (after a brief silence) Wish you the same 😛

And we both burst laughing. It was quite a while since I had a hearty laugh over something silly such as this. Wishing people ‘same to you/wish you the same’ on festivals, occasions, exams and other days, this time I found someone to whom I could say that too. Actually there are two, him I already said and another fellow blogger friend. (I need to figure out how to embed tweets here now)

Now with that it, coming to the main topic:

ImageThe cake is a lie.

Now why is it so? I and Mehul later in the day had a chat asking what did we do. He said he was overdosed with cake. Cheese cake, cream cake, this cake, that cake… cake poisoning. And ironically I didn’t have a cake for months! As I said, birthdays don’t matter to me, I barely even remember it at times (and people barely call me too for that matter). But this did make me thinking. Why are birthdays and cake are so closely associated? Why not something else? This is one of those many clichés I fail to understand.

I don’t do anything special thanks to me and my not-so-at-times boring life, I had this glorious bucket yesterday if that matters.

ImageComing to today’s daily prompt, I think this should party give some answer. More later as I’ve got to attend a book launch event now and meet the awesome author 😀

Update: The book launch and subsequent event(s) were great. Have a look at the summary/coverage of them. These were 2 very interesting days and a memorable birthday indeed.

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  10. Vaig trobar aquest missatge el dia d’avui, mentre que a l’oficina de gran utilitat va enviar l’enllaç a mi mateix i el més probable és un marcador quan a casa


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