Comedy of Errors

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

When I read today’s daily prompt, lot of random stuff came into my mind which went (sometimes horribly) wrong. Heck to be honest, the biggest irony is I had written a post for this, but when I went to hit publish, the auto-save was already going on and it went on for sometime until the page failed and my post was lost in the internet-oblivion. Was not in the drafts and this is the third time such a thing happening. Making a post with effort to only see it vanish. I think the internet-god is trolling/messing with me now.

Coming to the law itself, Murphy was not the first nor the only one to state saw. While I to some extent disagree, since for all mostly all all our problems we are responsible in a way or so no matter how unimaginably we believe otherwise, it still holds some amount of prophetical caution to it. To sum it up rather comically and shortly, this should do it.


10 thoughts on “Comedy of Errors

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