The Perfect Ending

When I think of a great ending, what comes to my mind is my most favourite of all time, The Dark Knight Trilogy, here the ending of the last film The Dark Knight Rises. It was perfect, the way I would have always wanted it to be. The legendary director Christopher Nolan nailed it. Let me remind you, here these 3 films unlike all the rest of Batman stories in comics, animation, video games and others are Batman stories, this was the story of Bruce Wayne, his human side.

665889_10200138954223558_1032348933_oThey say nothing is perfect, despite so called flaws, if there was something near perfect, it is this. After about 2 decades of struggle (not counting childhood) we see Bruce finally finding some measure of peace, which we will perhaps never see in another medium as it is like a curse of Batman to forever being the caped crusader. Even in the acclaimed Justice League TV series which ran from 2001-2006, we see the most possible end of the (animated here) universe, with a over 80 years old Bruce Wayne guiding (in his stone cold fashion as he is known for) his successor as the Batman Beyond.

Well after all the fear, chaos and pain (the themes of each respective movies) he finally finds someone to share his love, Selina Kyle/Catwoman and disappearing to Europe and possibly worldwide, while subtly hinting to his closest friends Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox that their friend is alive and well, appearing before his life long oldest friend, guardian, butler and father figure Alfred possibly for the last time and bestowing all his secrets and ‘the cave’ to his protege. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Nolan.


RuuefP.S. Well with who knows how much billions of secret stash of money and going away with Selina who is played by the gorgeous and hot Anne Hathaway, gets to spend the rest of his life fucking her somewhere in a luxurious place? Not much of a sacrifice eh Bruce 😛

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