The three most important years

If I were to think of three important years in my life β€” not including the year I was born, well quite honestly I must say there is not one which I can pin point to be very important, let alone three. I might go on and say many years, but the reasons for them would only include things which happened in the world, like a new book or movie and not exactly fully pertaining to my personal life, even though if they played a big role in it.

Instead here I asked my mother this question to which she replied:

-1982. She got her first job. She was 20 and despite her poor family problems and upbringing, she has Masters of Commerce, Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking, works in a bank and being a 51 year old woman today going to get her third degree in Human Rights. Despite being a working woman both in office and home, she studies now because she gets bored, and goes bonkers because of me, and wants to ‘inspire her son’ to do something useful πŸ˜›

So far I’m 21 and still useless. Way to go mother.

-1990. She got married to my pop. I still ask her how did she marry him. Well she was the papa’s girl so. That worked out well, I guess. At least I’m not on the roads so…

-1992. Apocalypse. I was born. Nothing more to say. πŸ˜›

On asking my father the same question, he replied with only one:

-1995. He managed to put me in school. Was a big relief for him back then. Not so much now, thanks to my brilliant performance in college and in general. Ah well, life isn’t over yet right?

So which years are important to you?

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