Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

This week’s challenge was another interesting one, and when I thought about something unique, isn’t it ironic that there are so many in our world and universe which is are unique? Unique in their own ways?

The best representation of unique for me is


Who or what else could it be? Who could be more unique than yourself in this existence? Well sorry to sound also pessimist here at the same time, we are all drowning in this vast ocean of unique individuals here who do big things and achieve great wonders. While I admire many such people myself, never fail to recognize oneself as important, that is the first step in achieving something in life, Or at least it will help you not be suicidal.

Coming to the picture above, as you can already see how I look by just looking a bit at the left, that picture was taken in the Mumbai Comic-Con 2012. There was booth for promoting The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey too and ‘best photographs’ were in for some prizes. I don’t know how they judged, maybe for cos-players but needless to say I won some cool The Dark Knight Rises merchandise 😀

And I got that Guy Fawkes mask from the BombayMerch booth, which is one of the most famous online shopping sites in my city which is founded and owned by a very old friend of mine. Always wanted (an authentic) one and got it, known by the epic graphic novel/movie V for Vendetta and used by infamous hacktivist group Anonymous, as it has become a symbol of freedom and revolution.

Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof.

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