Going Gonzo

After a comfortable ride, with some bumps here and there, a little help of Nokia Maps, and spending much more money than I reasonably should, I reached the rendezvous point where a giant of man awaited. Also goes by a name and is called a friend, whom we call Bane. Or Panda. Depends on the mood.

Late in the evening, rides here and there. While we waited arrived another, and while we began to go round and round found another. Reached the place, filled brightly with magnificence. Whether it was the lights, lasses/lads (or both) or the food you were eying, there was something to do for all. 😉

Greeted by our man, whose brother and newly sister-in-law were actually the people of the evening, we took our seats, and began to eat. And more. While some more of us joined. Until came the time for the greet.

More clicks, more laughs and more input. Until the evening was done.

Much gonzo?

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