Twerking is a word now?

First of all I never knew the existence of this word twerking until this event, and the prompt otherwise I didn’t even writing a word about it unlike almost the entire internet. And adding to the pathetic list of things, it’s even added to the oxford dictionary (online) now, I mean seriously? (the very fact they give such silly words an authentic status makes me sick)

And I don’t understand why every fucking site/person has to talk about this. Well actually I do, just don’t want to be left out right? *facepalm* This is not some big controversy or breaking news worthy, just a bunch of stupid teens doing what they want. If you don’t like it, just don’t see it. The idiocy that such silly things are blown out of proportion, outraged, and in the end pretend to not give a shit about it (unless you’re from some of those mostly usually parent groups or so, who make headlines/bucks out of it)

Why am I writing this again? Oh yes thank you wordpress.

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