I Remember

When I think of memories, there is nothing but a vague cloud in my mind. Yes, I chose to be freestyle as most of the time, but having to sit and type about the first (or most significant) memory which comes to my mind is probably a tough job for me. Unless when I have to focus for a task which is not much of an issue, but the question presented here itself has no objective answer or opinion which I can come up with.

I’m one of those persons who is comes under the category of not having much of a great childhood or an interesting times (well, not always 😉 ). Not complaining, far beyond that point, but it’s funny to think that most people I have a conversation with are usually of the though “I miss my childhood/school/college”, considering I’m still a youth in my early 20s.

That doesn’t mean I don’t cherish memories. But is it wrong to not think or miss any of them? I’m happy that some things happened, and not for several others, but there is hardly any which I feel of the sort that “I wish I could live that forever!”. Well yes there are a few, for example, the time I saw one of my most favourite bands around this time last year, Poets of the Fall which I detailed a in a post here. And I’m yet to see my most favourite band of all time, Linkin Park for whom I’m waiting for almost a decade now and even done various good things in my life thanks to them. Perhaps that will be another such moment, but in the end it will just be a memory which I perhaps won’t keep thinking of after a certain time, perhaps less than others.

No it’s not a “I don’t give a *insert appropriate swear word you like*” attitude, but more of a general apathy which is instilled in my self. Well perhaps I’m still waiting for that one big life changing moment which will be immortalized forever? Till then I shall continue to enjoy (or regret) things as they come and move on. And you can continue to enjoy the crap I post whatever I document here. 😀

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