A recipe of disaster with a pinch of me

Okay, something like that. I’m not feeling much creative now (nor do I cook per say) to cook up a recipe of myself so this is the best I can come up with:

3 c. extroversion
6 oz. organic wit (non-homogenized)
4 heaping tbsp. unforeseeableness
5 Linkin Park records, finely chopped
2 nights insomias
Dozen love for drama and thrills
3 fl. oz. analysis addiction
2 dashes Batman & others
Pinch of video games over-analysis
Olive oil to taste

10 crooked fingers
2 wandering eyes
2 bushes wavy-curly hair behind and in-front (of the head that is)

Combine all ingredients on a bed with an Alienware boiling down. Do not add anything sweet. Stir until just combined. Let ferment for some weeks, until appropriately funky.

Serve with a grain of salt. May weep if exposed to too much heat.

1 thought on “A recipe of disaster with a pinch of me

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